The son of CPAs, I quickly realized that I wanted nothing to do with that world. I am a Creative catalyst, an Art director turned post production specialist, I also moonlight as a product designer. I have tons of experience doing animation, cgi, vfx compositing, and editing, and I have had the privilege to work with some major brands such as Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Visa, VW, Verizon, and many others.

In the industrial design front, I signed a couple licensing agreements with two major US based houseware brands for the development of two of my products and I was supposed to be raking in thousands of dollars in royalty payments by now, but Covid and 2020 had other plans, mostly Covid. When the repo guy showed up to take away my Ferrari I almost cried. In any case, I'm still happy doing my post production thing all over.

When I'm not busy writing a new expression in After Effects or getting unreasonably excited by a new feature in Cinema 4D, I'm either nerding out with my 3D printers, kayaking with my children or slowly going deaf on my Harley.

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