This is the latest version of my reel, made of both personal and commercial projects. Some of the work was made in collaboration with other people/studios. Please get in touch if you want a detailed description of what I did on each shot.
Hope you like it!
Once again, I had the privilege to freelance with Lava Studio's award winning team to deliver this amazing piece for the Major League Baseball Network.  Working under the supervision of talented creative director David Woodward and amazingly gifted designer Chris Nasso I contributed mostly on the 3D building of the cubes as well as some texturing. Please contact me for a detailed breakdown of each scene.

A tag I made for NatGeo Mundo. Once again with the friends from árbol. Music and Sound design by Noise Band

I freelanced with ultra creative award-wining shop Lava Studio in order to put this spot together. The footage was shot on RED format, against green screen and all compositing (including keying and rotoscoping) was made in After Effects. I was brought in right after the shooting in order to conform the spot in little over two weeks.

The latest project I worked for Visa, with my good friends at árbol.

Opening video for Miami's 2013 Emerge Americas Conference.
Commissioned by Miami agency República.
I modeled the cubes in Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects.

A project I recently worked in as part of a team with award-winning post house Vapor Post.

Some older stuff that made my last year's reel.

Music video for Palenke from Jungle.

Directed by Sául Escobar.

Edited, color corrected

and post produced by me.

Selected works from 2012.

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